“Have you noticed how the clouds watch you, or how the trees speak to each other?” Firelight flickered in the storyteller’s dark eyes. “Have you ever seen the water stare back at you, or felt the shadows hold your hand?”

She leaned forward, and I leaned in with her, drawn into the world she spun. “Have you ever noticed the stars shine brighter when you wish on them?  How they twinkle with the secrets they’re told?”

She paused, looking straight at me, the stillness of the night echoing with her questions.  Slowly, she shook her head. “Perhaps not.  So let me ask you a different question: do you remember a time when you were sad, and rain fell in unison with your tears?  Do you remember once when you were alone at night and the darkness seemed to wrap you in its arms?”

The hairs on my arms slowly stood on end as she dropped her voice to a whisper. “Have you ever looked up into the sky and felt the waiting silence?”

She had a small smile on her face as she to looked up at the dark sky.  In the ringing silence, I could hear it.  The stars were waiting to hear my secrets.

“There is more to the world around us than we care to see.  Some call it magic, but I see it as something more normal than that.  It is simply the parts of the world that keeps better secrets than us.  It hides away, waiting for someone to come looking.”

She pulled her gaze from the sky, meeting my eyes across the small fire. “When you’re awake, keep your eyes open.  When you sleep, look carefully in your dreams.  There are secrets within your reach.  Listen.” A soft breeze played with wisps of her hair. “The trees might whisper them to you.”

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