Thoughts Like Pennies


I stood quiet among a crowd,

A gentleman stopped by,

The corner of his mouth turned up,

Inquiry in his eye.

“You’ve been awful quiet,” he said

“I hope you do not mind,

But might I ask what’s going on

That you so still I find?”

I had been reflecting on how,

With great powerful strides,

A horse could run so very fast,

It seems that they might fly.

I also was thinking,

What it’d be like to see,

A real dinosaur still alive,

What color would it be?

Then I got to wondering,

The crowd I was amidst,

How each of them have different lives

That with mine intermixed.

I’d thought about a book I read,

Just finished yesterday,

How the protagonist carried on,

Fighting against doomsday.

Also, I had just now noticed

This little girl and boy,

How in the crowd they romped and played,

Just giggling with joy.

But how to explain to this man,

All of these lovely things?

I couldn’t find the words to say

All that from my mind springs.

Besides, those thoughts seemed silly now,

Steady they were shrinking.

Looking up I softly replied

“I was only thinking.”

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