I think there are people who come into your life that are the color blue.  Calm and deep as a lake, they soothe and heal the people around them.  Their dreams are barely big enough for their body, and they don’t usually sleep much.
Be gentle.
They’re often holding tears inside, locked up in the fear that if they let it crack open they’d drown you.

Some people are purple.  Free and confidant, they’ve got spunk and sass and they’re not afraid to use it.  They have a personality big enough for two and a heart to match.
Love them.
They hide it well, but when they go home they often feel alone.

Some people are green.  Knowing one is to feel alive, they want to grow and nurture anything and everything.  They have a quiet, steady smile, with sharp eyes that see when you are hurting.
Help them.
They tend to carry the world on their shoulders, and no one should bear that weight alone.

Some people are pink.  Bright and bubbly, they’re almost always up for a party.  A little oblivious with a sweet personality, it doesn’t take much to excite them.
Protect them.
Inside, they tend to loathe the very things you love about them, and they take every word to heart.

Some people are yellow.  Rays of sunshine with hearts of gold, they always know how to make you smile.  They’re funny and adventurous with creative souls.
Be kind.
They’ll make themselves vulnerable just to make you laugh, and you don’t realize how easily they can be crushed.

Some people are brown.  Mature and grounded, they sometimes look short from their feet being buried so far in the ground.  A constant and loyal friend, they have a surprising sense of humor.
Reassure them.
You can’t always know what made them age so fast.

Some people are orange.  Sugar and spice served best on ice, they can be hard to know.  Beautiful as a sunset with a little fire inside, they can be great friends or bitter enemies.
Be patient.
They tend to think with their mouth, and they often don’t mean it.  It’ll be hard, but they need you just the same.

Some people are grey.  You’ll meet them and wonder what it is about them that makes you uneasy.  They’re nice enough that they’ll gain your trust, but there’s something dark that swirls inside them.
Watch your back.
Maybe you’ll help them find color, or maybe they’ll stab you when you least expect it.

There will be people who are black.  They are so lost, everyone can see it.
Be careful with them.
You’re holding out a hand to a drowning man and he will pull you under to save himself.

3 thoughts on “Colors

  1. I like that, in your stories, you are willing to face the things in this world and in people that are frightening but don’t stray from your love of truth or abandon your underlying lovingkindness and tenderness towards people. You give hope to your readers — along with a soaring sense of the incredible adventure it is to be alive in this world. Thank you for letting us be your readers.

    Liked by 1 person

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