Butterfly Secrets


Don’t be surprised if a butterfly whispers your name.

They find me wherever I go.  They like to rest a while on my shoulder or in my hands, and I’m careful to not brush the delicate powder from their wings.  Even in the dead of winter, I’ll at least see some mourning cloaks or the rare frost-winged butterfly.

And I whisper to them.

It feels wrong, to speak louder than a whisper around them.  I think if I ever raised my voice they would shatter like thin glass dropped on stone.

I tell them what I’m thinking, or I’ll sing softly.  Their wings go up and down, and I think it’s their way of saying thank you.  Sometimes I’ll even have some sugar-water with me, and I let them drink a bit as they rest.

Sometimes I wake up with wings covering my bed.  I don’t mind, although I’m not always sure how they get into my room.  Or how to slip out of bed without crushing them.

They’ve been coming to me for most of my life.

And it’s when the sun sets, when I’m alone with the butterflies, that I speak about the things I don’t dare voice any other time.  I tell them my dreams and hopes and secrets, because who are they going to tell?

Although, sometimes I wonder.

What if they do whisper, and I just never heard them over my own voice?  What if they whisper, and I just don’t know their language?  What if they remember everything I tell them?

They could learn to repeat the words I say, especially the ones I say the most.

Don’t be surprised if a butterfly whispers your name.

One thought on “Butterfly Secrets

  1. I love butterflies!! My favorite part was how they covered her bed at night for a couple of reasons. One, I can imagine all kinds of butterflies resting with her – so many beautiful colors!! Two, I definitely felt the trust the butterflies have in her and couldn’t help but think she doesn’t need to worry. The respect and fondness goes both ways, so I got the impression that they would keep her confessions.
    Very beautiful.

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